Best Acne Treatment for Women

Are you a woman suffering from acne? Over 50% of women struggle with acne well into adulthood. Don't worry though, it can be effectively cured! The first major step to finding the best acne treatment is to determine the cause of your acne.

The top 3 causes of acne in women and best treatment for each :

1. Hormonal Imbalance.
Do you notice your acne getting consistently better or worse during specific times of your menstrual cycle? Hormonal imbalance is most likely the root of the cause. This is because your monthly cycle throws your hormones out of balance, producing more acne-causing bacteria than it needs, resulting in break-outs!

Best Treatment:
The most effective approach to fight hormonal acne is to correct the imbalance that is occurring in your body. One simple way to do this is by taking a daily multi-vitamin and herbal supplement. There are several herbs that assist the endocrine system and help regulate hormone levels. To help balance your body further, maintain a healthy, balanced diet and keep a regular sleep schedule.

2. Stress.
A large percentage of women (and men) only experience acne break-outs during times of stress. Unfortunately, stressful situations cannot always be avoided, but luckily there are some highly effective options for battling stress-induced acne.

Best Treatment:
The quickest and most effective solution to stress-related acne is to try and stop the acne before it surfaces. This can be done by purchasing a high-quality topical cleanser, and a spot treatment for those stressful times when you know you will have a break-out.

3. Build-up of toxins in the body.
This is the most common cause of acne in women. If hormonal imbalance and stress don't seem like viable causes of your acne, it is most likely do to an unhealthy excess of toxin build-up in the blood.

Best Treatment:
You do not have to do an extremist "total body detoxification" to dramatically reduce the amount of toxin build-up in your system. A very simple way to go about cleansing out toxins is to take a daily herbal cleanse supplement for at least one month. There are several herbs on the market available in special blends that drastically increase productivity within the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. On a typical diet of processed foods and preservatives, these are the organs that get bogged down with toxins and prevent the body from efficiently eliminating bad bacteria. When this bacteria builds up too much, acne will flourish.